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Monday, 23 November 2009

FSB SVR Secret Service Files - EXPLOSIVE - Smith & Williamson Investment Management Ltd "Partners" Prosecution Files - Russian National Treasures "Stolen" Compelling "Standard of Proof" Criminal Prosecution Files - Carroll Trust - Russian National * Global Security Interests Case

Smith & Williamson Holdings Ltd the chartered accountancy and investment management firm are the subject of serious ongoing criminal allegations of organised crime and tax evasion in the largest ever criminal conspiracy and corruption case. The Carroll Foundation Trust $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) "cross border" international case has "named" the former Smith Williamson partners Peter Yeldon Peter Mills together with the firm's senior insolvency partner N F Hickling as the "primary suspects" wanted for questioning in relation to "direct links" with the FBI Scotland Yard "core cell targeted" Anthony Clarke London Business Angels 100 Pall Mall London crime syndicate in this massive fraud heist operation that stretches the globe over a staggering sixteen years.

The FBI Scotland Yard prosecution files contain forensic evidential material which "names" the former Smith & Williamson partners Peter Yeldon and Peter Mills who are understood to have executed multiple fraudulent valuations of the UK Companies House "registered" "dummy criminal screen" structure known as Carroll Holdings Corporation Ltd to effectively impulse the criminal theft liquidation of (oldco) Russian Investment Corporation Ltd and priceless Kremlin Armoury Museum national treasures owned by the Carroll Russia Trust. The Smith Williamson senior insolvency partner N F Hickling also executed serious criminal offences in the Carroll Foundation Trust case involving the multiple "name switch" structure Carroll/Catherine Estate Corporation Ltd "in liquidation" at the UK Insolvency Service London. High level sources have confirmed that the Kingston Smith the Carroll Trust's auditors report embraces a comprehensive forensic treatment of all fraudulent accounting and criminal liquidation offences.

Russia Kremlin Carroll Trust Global Security Interests

Maine Investments Gibraltar Gazette Section 203A(2) Carroll Trust National Security Case:
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